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Olivier Le Diouris

Spoken Languages

French mother tongue
English fluent read, spoken, written
German read, spoken
Spanish read, spoken


Current Job

Professional Experience

IT Section

Since January 2022
See above.
From August 2017 to December 2021
  • Oracle USA, Redwood Shores, CA, Consulting Member of Technical Staff at Oracle.
  • Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA)
    • NL to OMRL, and then SQL. Converting Natural Language to OMRL (Oracle Meaning Representation Language), and then to other flavors (SQL, PGQL, Rules, ...)
    • Doc AI team. Document processing and recognition, based on AI/ML/DL models (PyTorch, TensorFlow, and other frameworks), and ElasticSearch
    • API Gateway. On-premise to Cloud communication enablement
  • Until February 2019: 1PaaS-UI team, developing reusable front-end visual components for all the Oracle's PaaS stack.
    Implementation of backend services as well, possibly hooked-up to the re-usable components above.
    • OJet (Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit)
    • CCA (Composite Components Architecture)
    • WebComponents
    • Helidon (Micro-Services)
    • Micronaut (Micro-Services)
  • Volunteering with Oracle Education Foundation (OEF).
  • From April 2016 to August 2017
    From May 2015 to April 2016
    From April 2013 to May 2015
    From March 2005 to April 2013
    From August 2001 to March 2005
    From July 1999 to August 2001
    From December 1996 to July 1999
    From December 1995 to December 1996
    Oracle Consulting France. Unit QMO (Qualité, Méthodes, Outils). Monitoring, Workshops, assistance on projects, specialized on Designer 2000, focused on 100% generation techniques.
    From May 1995 to December 1995
    Project Leader with SITINFO. Consulting as project leader for the "Laboratoires SERVIER" in Courbevoie (France), to develop the project BCVD (Base de Validation de Données Cliniques).
    This project is developed to allow biologists to validate clinical data, in order to commercialize new medicines and drugs. Clinical data are gathered in a product named ClinTrial, commercialized by BBN. BCVD is developed with Oracle 7 and Forms 3.0. BCVD will be migrated in a client/server environment, with Forms 4.5.
    From January 1995 to April 1995
    Consultant in the SIRE (Systèmes d'Information et Réseaux d'Entreprise) agency of CAP SESA TELECOM. SIRE Agency develops softwares, mainly written for France TELECOM.
    From March 1994 to January 1995
    Project leader with ARES, since 1988.
    ARES is an ERP software editor, first european partner of Hewlett-Packard, and partner of Oracle.
    In charge of a new project, concerning an administration features of the ARCOLE suite, management software developed by ARES on Oracle.
    The role of this soft (ARCOLE ADMIN) is, on one hand, to federate all the administration functionalities of such a suite (users management, menus, users accesses, filters, etc.) and on the other, to manage all the batch features. This project was started with Oracle*CDE. This product has been designed since its analysis phase with the Oracle*Case Method. All the phases have been realized with Oracle*CASE 5.1, starting from entity-relationship diagrams and function hierarchy, including dataflows resolution, and filling all the matrixes. The Oracle DataBase is in version 7 and uses as much as possible its new functionalities (integrity constraints, triggers, stored procedures and functions, packages, management of alerts, signals, locks, provided by the V7's new packages).
    User interface is designed with Forms 4 for Windows 3.1. Batch programs are written in C, and call PL/SQL functions with the OCIs.
    Database design assumes the 5th normal form.
    - Development team includes three persons.
    - The database has 80 tables, the application 100 modules.
    - Initial goal was to generate this application with Oracle*CASE 5.1, without touching up the generated forms. This goal has been reached, 0% of tune up...
    - This soft has been presented at the Forum CDE organized by Oracle France on November 26, 1994, and in Oracle*EXPO 1994, and is released since October 1994.
    From June 1993 to March 1994
    In charge of the evaluations of Forms 4 and Oracle*CASE 5.1. Elaboration of a graphical charter, meant for the programmers in this new environment. After this evaluation, Forms 4 and Oracle*CASE are selected for further developments.
    From March 1991 to June 1993
    Member of the development team of Askplus, report writer written in C. Askplus was originally written for the HP3000 (MPE) and was dedicated to TURBO-IMAGE. It has progressivly accessed the relational databases. I was precisely in charge of the interface with relational databases (Oracle, AllBase, Informix and InterBase), and of the implementation on customer sites of the new methods to integrate the reports. Askplus interface with the relational databases has been made with a Pro*C (or equivalent) driver. In Oracle's case, it was also possible to do the same with OCIs, without driver. Askplus has been implemented on three systems : MPEXL, UNIX (7 platforms) and VAX-VMS. It was also working on DOS with its OCI version.
    From March 1988 to March 1991
    Member of the development team of ABSOLU-RH, human resource management and payroll system written for HP3000, MPE and TURBO-IMAGE. It has been completely re-written for its release 7, using C and Fortran 77. It was originally written in Fortran 66, Fortran 77, Pascal, SPL and COBOL.
    From October 1987 to March 1988
    Data Processing class at the "École Nantaise d'Informatique", dedicated to COBOL with HP3000 and TURBO-IMAGE.

    Sailing & Navigation Section

    Eight months sailing double-handed around the Pacific on a 42' ketch. Here is the chart.
    San Francisco CA, Nuku-Hiva (Marquesas Islands), Ua Pou (Marquesas Islands), Rangiroa (Tuamotu), Tahiti (Society Islands), Moorea (Society Islands), Huahine (Society Islands), Taha'a (Society Islands), Raiatea (Society Islands), Bora-Bora (Society Islands), Tongareva (Cook Islands), Kiritimati (Kiribati Republic), O'Ahu (Hawai'i Islands), San Francisco CA.
    Pacific Cup (San Francisco - Hawai'i), navigator on board Relentless (Sydney 32)
    From fall 2004 to spring 2017
    Living onboard Don Pedro
    2000 to 2004
    Racing on board Kookaburra, J105 in the San Francisco Bay.
    Between 1988 and 2000
    Family Cruising...
    From 1983 to 1988
    Professional Offshore Racing Navigator
    Between 1980 and 1984
    Designing and building "Numéro Cinq", a 30' trimaran for the OSTAR (Observer Singlehanded Transatlantic Race).
    From may 1982 to march 1984
    In charge in the "Centre de Formation à la Croisière" of the charter fleet (30 sailing boats).
    Spring 1981
    Yachts Delivery from Brittany to the South of France, through the Gibraltar Strait.
    From may 1979 to december 1980
    Profesionnal Sailing instructor in Cap d'Agde (Mediterranean Sea, France).
    Leading sailing classes in French, Italian and Spanish Mediterranean Sea.
    Summer 1978 and winter 1978/1979
    Sailing instructor in the "Groupe Finistérien de Croisière".
    Leading sailing classes in Jersey, Guernsey, Sark, the South of Cornwall (England), and the South of Ireland.
    Winter 1977/1978
    Sailing instructor in the "Groupe Finistérien de Croisière".
    Leading sailing classes in Jersey, Guernsey, Sark, and the South of Cornwall (England)
    Summer 1977
    Sailing instructor in Beg Meil (South Brittany, France).
    Summer 1976
    Sailing instructor in Beg Meil (South Brittany, France).

    Open Source Contribution. Java, Scala, Groovy and other JVM-aware languages, JavaScript, C, Python, etc.

    All my git repos from here.
    Navigation Embarked Software

    NMEA Parser, Tide engine, Celestial Almanacs computation, Navigation Console, Weather Wizard, ...

    Raspberry PI & Java

    NMEA Multiplexer.

    REST Navigation Server.

    Oracle, SOA (moved to other repos...)

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